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>Richard Hackman

About The Speaker

Richard Hackman

Content creator specializing in videography, photography, and podcast production.

Rich is a Ghanaian-born, New York City-based, content creator specializing in videography, photography, and podcast production. He is also the Founder and Creative Director of The Bored Brand, a marketing consulting agency primarily for small businesses and entrepreneurs with a focus on promotional advertising, and branding, while also offering multimedia education in the form of DIY content creation training.

With experience and exposure in the worlds of branding and advertising, fashion, music and entertainment, technology, insurance, architecture and engineering, he actively works toward exemplifying adaptability, and epitomizing the spirit of life-long learning and growth.

Boasting a storied past consisting of accomplishments in human-centered visual design, development of user experiences, art direction, story production and project management, Rich excels at bridging the divide between conceptual / theoretical knowledge, and hands-on experience-based understanding.

Having worked across the board from multinational Fortune 500 companies to solo entrepreneurship, he tirelessly espouses the virtues of effective and transparent communication, smart and positive work ethic, collaboration, mentorship, and leadership.