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Republic Spirit Small Business and Creative Arts Conferences:

The RS SME Business Seminar will provide a pro-active networking platform for Ghana-based, African Diasporan, international entrepreneurs and investors from the SME and supporting service business sectors.

The goals of the Business seminar includes:
Create an impactful platform that will exponentially develop the insights and knowledge base of all of the participants;

Share innovative business ideas and concepts that can tangibly convert into mutually beneficial commercial opportunities;

Showcase unique products and services that can cross-pollinate across territories;

Identify potential distributors, resellers, joint venture & investment partners;

Establish & enhance business contacts whilst proactively developing qualified business leads & enquiries.

The RS Creative Arts & Music Seminar will provide insights to participants on the various Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions within the Music & Creative-Arts industry in Ghana, from legal, to business, and everything in-between, as well provide a plethora of opportunities for business development.

Mission & Goals:
Establish the rationale for collaborations, joint Venture or alliances;

Develop participants insights about how the creative industries work in Ghana and the potential opportunities for collaboration;

Share new business ideas and concepts to convert into mutually beneficial commercial benefits;

Show-case innovative products and services;

Establish & enhance business contacts amongst Industry Players across Ghana and the International community;

Identify potential business & investment partners;

Exchange business leads, enquiries and facilitate one to one meetings.

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